13 August 2021

 Recently my grandson came and stayed with us for around 3 weeks.  For 2 weeks the whole family was here.  But he decided to stay on for another week.  Since they are all schooling from home, and since anyway he couldn't go out to play, he figured it was better to stay on here, as there is a great deal of greenery and  space around,.  Now, he has stayed with us very often, when he was little.  But, since he turned a teenager, it has been a long while since he stayed with us by himself.  

My husband and I found ourselves thoroughly enjoying his company, when he was not studying, and since he is in high school, he has a great deal of work.  His conversation was interesting and oh. how I missed him when he went back home.  I found myself moping around as I used to when my children first went off to university.

I am so glad that he thought of staying on with us for a week.

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