29 November 2009

We had a nice weekend up in the hills near here, at a beautiful hotel. It was a group deal as a group my husband belongs to, had booked the place for a night. As I said the place was beautiful and the weather delightful and the food arranged quite good, the high point being a barbecued lamb.
But the weekend reinforced the fact that I am just not a 'people' person. I am bad at making 'polite' conversation,and I find it stifling to sit around and yak-yak-yak with a whole lot of people--although I am acquainted with most of the people who were there for a number of years. I do not find it too difficult to make one-to-one conversation, but more than that and it just doesn't work. I'm the kind who has only one or two friends, apart from all my husband's family who I am mostly close to. But even among them, I find it easiest to talk only in a small group.
I suppose I must come out as an unfriendly woman, an oddball. But now, at my age, I don't think I want to change, as I am kind of comfortable this way and my close family all accept me this way, and best of all, my husband is much like me. 2 of a kind :-)

25 November 2009

Shameless publicity for my 'memories' blog

This is a straightforward request to folks who read my memory blog--if they do--to please leave an occasional comment :-) Of course only genuine comments!

24 November 2009

Wishing all my blog friends in the USA a great Thanksgiving weekend. May it be peaceful and joyful.

17 November 2009

It was the 20th anniversary of the breaking of the Berlin Wall recently and what it brought memories of, to me, was of the fact that it's been 20 years since my son had his spinal operation the National hospital for Neurology in Queens Square in London. He was in the hospital after his surgery and he saw it on the TV in his ward and told us about it , when we went to visit. He was 16 then. He and all of us have come a long way and I am so grateful for all the good things that have happened to him and to all of us, in the last 20 years.