26 December 2013

 I have experienced my first ever white Christmas and the snowy landscape is beautiful!  I have enjoyed the cold--because we are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, with electricity that keeps us warm, and the necessary clothes.  My thoughts and prayers go out to so many people who have to go through this kind of weather without the means of keeping warm enough.
I have enjoyed the experience of snow and the cold, cold weather, though the really deep sub-zero temperatures are a little difficult for us to take.  I have loved looking at the houses decorated for Christmas with the lights shining on the snow. I have watched amazed as sparrows, and pigeons fly around just like in India, in the freezing air.  When returning after a lovely Christmas Eve service (around9.30 pm) I saw a rabbit jumping through the snow and wondered how they all survived.
This has been a good time and our holiday is almost over.  I am so very glad that we did come because I got to spend precious time with my son, which can only happen if we visit him, as his leave is just too short.  It has been a good Christmas.  Now we have less than 3 weeks left for our return and I feel the time has just flown.
Merry Christmas and a happy New year my friends.