29 April 2012

Since the school holidays started (for both the schools I work at) over a month ago, I seem to have been so busy that I have had no time to visit blogworld properly. 
For the last three weeks though, I have been busy because my older grandson was with us.  When he left yesterday, I was so depressed, more so when I realized that I now had the time to ruminate, think unpleasant thoughts and generally wallow in negativity--if I wanted.  When our young man--almost seven is he--was here, my mind was totally occupied in trying to stay one step ahead of him, apart from trying to keep him occupied in some other way than the mind-numbing  TV or computer.  When I think back, it was fun in spite of frequent battles about too much cartoon watching and/or computer game playing.  He had a discussion with us on whether Facebook's rule of not allowing children below 13 to sign up was a stupid rule or not.  He learned the niceties of 20/20 cricket from his grandfather and has become an avid fan.  He wanted to germinate seeds of various shapes, sizes and hues and was sad that an average tree would take around 15 to 20 years to be really mature, more so because he was a bit worried that his grandparents may not be around in that much time.  As mentioned before, an interesting time was had by all!