31 March 2006

Fun day

After my previous post, my daughter-in-law very sweetly planned a day-just-for-fun trip for me. We went to Cochin by train and then took an auto to Vallarpadam church, which, for me, somehow brings to mind Mt. Mary Church, Bandra. It is supposed to be extra special for mothers praying for their children and I did want to specially pray for my son. Then we took a ferry to Fort Cochin and wandered around like a couple of tourists. There was no real purpose except chilling out. We had a good day. It was almost like my college days. Its been a long time since I did something where I knew there were no demands on my time. I guess I'm really lucky with my children-in-law.

24 March 2006

sorry for myself

I had so planned on going on a holiday for atleast 2 days with my husband and thought this was the perfect time. Everything seemed to be fine. But now he can't go because he has to sign something on Monday morning. I guess holidays just for fun are no longer in my stars! I feel as disappointed as a kid missing a treat. Well, I guess I'll just have to talk myself out of it.

20 March 2006

a gutsy lady

Today I just heard that someone I knew had passed away last week. It was a shock. She was a young 82. She had encouraged me a great deal, a long while ago, in my early days at the Y. The news brought back memories of the kind oof person she was, gutsy, enthusiastic, smart. I will miss her though I didn't see her that often.

06 March 2006

green today

I see that my last two blogs have been depressive. So here goes, some descriptions about where I live.
I live in what seems to be the last bastion of woodland in this fast developing area of our small town. So, I still get to hear bird calls when I wake up, though there is competition from bus horns. I get to see a wide variety of birds and butterflies. I see the occasional mongoose, crossing the garden when he knows my dogs are sleep. Very rarely now, I even see a monitor lizard. I guess it really is quite idyllic and certainly a lovely place to bring up children. I have to admit that, even though I am still at heart a city gal. When I look out of my window this afternoon, its green as far as the eye can see. Very peaceful!
But then again, I never had any qualms about the place. I wish everyone a peaceful green day