22 October 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle

My grandson came visiting for a short holiday and opened up a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, which he was doing with cousins. But, as it's been left here and with strict instructions that it not be moved, I moved it onto a fibre board and there it lies on my dining table and I've gotten just a bit addicted.  Every time I pass that way, I try to see if I can find a piece to put in.  I'm not too good at finding the little pieces that make up the background, so many of them looking almost the same shape, with only the subtlest difference in colour and shape, which brings me to the philosophical aspect.........Each background piece, however uninteresting looking, is an important part of the whole picture and, finally, when the whole puzzle is done, blends in so beautifully.  So to each of us, whether boldly or dully coloured, whether a foreground piece or background piece, is important in the whole and must blend in to make the whole picture beautiful.