20 June 2022

 My grandchildren, now teenagers, occasionally come to stay, usually with their parents, but once in a while on their own.  

In the past 4 or 5 months I have had my older grandson, now 17 come and stay for a few days, and last weekend, he and his sister had come to stay.

Yes, the food they want is different, yes old grandpa and grandma's normal routine gets changed.  But, when they leave I'm "bluer than blue" .  Suddenly the house seems full and brings back so many memories of when my children were growing up.

I hope my grandkids will always feel welcome here and will enjoy coming by, even later on, as they grow away from their own homes and sttike out on their own.

08 February 2022

 And so it has been 9 years since my eldest passed away.  Yesterday was his 9th death anniversary.  In the Orthodox Christian tradition prayers are said at the grave.  

Time has flown and life goes on.  My other children and I discuss how, if he was still here during this pandemic, he would have been so fearful for his family and would have been handing out instructions left right and centre on the best ways to protect oneself etc (he was paranoid about illness).  He always worried for everyone else.  But his humour kept him sane.

Missing a person who has passed never quite goes away.  It hurts physically less.  But sometimes, unexpectedly, I find myself missing him intensely.

31 January 2022

Golden Anniversary

 It was our 50th wedding anniversary early this month.  My husband and I had decided on having a quiet anniversary with just daughters and daughter-in-law and kids.

But two of my husband's siblings decided otherwise and held a surprise dinner party for us.  Covid added a spoiler in changing the venue, but thankfully caused no other problems.

As my husband has/had 7 siblings, just his siblings and their families means a lot of people.  There was just my husband's family and my eldest brother, who spends half the year here.  But that added up to around 50 people, which included all the grandkinds ranging in age from a 1 year old to an 18 year old.  Many out-of-towner nieces and nephews very sweetly adjusted their schedules and stayed on specially for the event.  Unfortunately my youngest son and family were not able to make it from Chicago, because of the surge of Covid cases at the end of last year and the beginning of this year in the US.  We really missed them.

I had guessed that something had been planned but it was a total surprise to my husband and he was very touched by all the preparation.  There were some speeches and some singing [in our family there is no event sans some singing] and good food.  The weather was pleasant too.  So a good time was had by all.   Luckily it did not turn out to be a pandemic super spreader, for which we are truly grateful.

27 December 2021

 So another Christmas has come and gone.  I was not as Grinchy as I am normally (yes I really am a grinch about Christmas since my children grew up and left the nest).  We had a Christmas Eve get together not usual around here, as most people are on Lent till Christmas morning and 2 out of 3 of my family were here.  But, since I am a reluctant and lazy cook, at the end of it I am totally cooked out!  I can't bring myself to do any sort of cooking for a while.

On another note, the news from all over the world seems so depressing these days, I do not want to read the newspapers.  I find I have been hiding my head  in fiction, the lighter the better, or it has to be fantasy.  But then again, one never knows how life can suddenly change, fate always working mysteriously.  So here I am hoping that 2022 would be an improvement on 2021/

25 October 2021

I turned 70 in the first week of this month--October.  I was lucky to have a lovely birthday with those of my children who are around, at a beautiful beach side resort.  As a result of the Covid scenario, we turned out to be the only guests at the resort!  

I am truly, truly grateful to my daughter, who made me a beautiful playlist of songs, organised the stay and best of all, composed a song for me.

As I grow older I realise, often I forget the age I am, more so when I listen to music.  But at times, although the mind is raring to go, the body is not quite up to it.  I am deeply grateful for all the loving relationships I have.  I am also grateful for each day of health and for life in an area where nature is mine to appreciate and up close.  The joy of hearing birdsong, watching brilliant sunrises and sunsets, seeing the seasons change is wonderful.  

The world around me and all it's happenings do get me down.  But, now I feel I will let the youngsters change the world to fit them better.  I wish that I may make even one person happy by an action of mine, each day that I have left in this world.

13 August 2021

 Recently my grandson came and stayed with us for around 3 weeks.  For 2 weeks the whole family was here.  But he decided to stay on for another week.  Since they are all schooling from home, and since anyway he couldn't go out to play, he figured it was better to stay on here, as there is a great deal of greenery and  space around,.  Now, he has stayed with us very often, when he was little.  But, since he turned a teenager, it has been a long while since he stayed with us by himself.  

My husband and I found ourselves thoroughly enjoying his company, when he was not studying, and since he is in high school, he has a great deal of work.  His conversation was interesting and oh. how I missed him when he went back home.  I found myself moping around as I used to when my children first went off to university.

I am so glad that he thought of staying on with us for a week.

08 March 2021


 So the vaccinations in India have been rolled out for senior citizens.  My husband and I had our first shot today.  There has been a rush to register online to get the vaccines.  Today, at the centre we went to, there were 100 people waiting for the vaccine.  But we do not have drive by vaccination centres.  Besides, they make each person wait half and hour after the shot, to know if anybody has any adverse reaction, which was reassuring for amny with allergies or other issues.

But the guidelines are that masking and hand washing have to continue.  But then I guess masking, if one as a cold is always a good idea and maybe folks will get used to putting on a mask if one has a cold.  In our state, as masking is mandatory, you rarely see anyone in  a public space without a mask.  I guess masking up will become a way of life or maybe that is just a hope.  

Anyway here is hoping that this virus will slowly become controlled.