21 November 2018

"To a grandson"

Found this poem today when searching through old files, and written for my first grandchild, a long while back.

On a clear August day

Do you see the butterflies little one?
Fluttering through flowers and trees.
Look, look at the leaves floating down, little one
Hear them crunch beneath our feet.
Listen to the song of the wind little one
And feel it ruffle your hair.
Let’s call out to the crow little one,
Sitting on a branch just there.
The wonder in your eyes
Awakens wonder in my heart
And I wish you could stay,
And let me share the wonder.

Stay, little one,
Stay here, 
Safe in Grandma’s arms.

04 November 2018

A link to an old post.

With so much division going on because of ones' beliefs, I am linking to this old post, An allegory, I did way back around 10 years back 

01 November 2018

Random thoughts

There seems to be so much hatred flowing around the world--rising, rampant xenophobia.  Social media seems to have taken away politeness and concern for others it seems.  What with being able to find more, and then have more of the more of whatever way you lean, being given to you, till a point comes where you no longer wonder if any of this is right, you go off the edge and shoot people. 
There is also so much bad mouthing on the Internet.  It is as though, because someone is not physically facing the person to whom you are making remarks, you can say whatever you want, in as nasty a way as you want.  Also, there is the point that everyone wants to have opinions which are public and which one wants to be noticed by the maximum number of people--the equivalent of shouting from on top of a hill it seems to me.  So then if I shout, I should not really get upset that someone who was upset at my words, then proceeds to shout at me.  Looks like humanity is slowing losing all the culture that was built over years. 
I must say I am glad that there are also a number of positive things coming from the Internet like the TED lectures for example. 

This is all put very badly.  But the negative feelings have been building up.  I realise that here I am also a part of the problem. 

07 October 2018


My oldest would have turned 45 on the 5th.  Somebody asked me the other day whether the missing of a person who has died, lessens with time.  I said that the missing does not ever go away.  It just gets easier to bear the pain of the missing.
Also my granddaughter turned 9 the day after that and she had a great party, with a bunch of her friends home for a sleepover.  I like that the girls who are her friends range from a year younger to a couple of years older.
Very soon, I will turn 67.  I find now I don't care either way about a great number of things, and am happy where I am.  I am glad  that I work out because I feel taking care of myself is a way to keep me independent as long as possible.  I am happy that I work with children, because that always makes me feel as though I am in touch with the future.  I no longer feel the need to do anything just to show the world/society, that I can do something.  Now, if I do anything, it is because I want to do it. 

27 August 2018

Floods in Kerala

Indian news has been full of the floods in Kerala. It has been horrendous.  I personally was not affected because where I live is not very near to a river.  But all around my town, as well as up and down Kerala, the floods have caused devastation as I am sure many will know.  It has been one of the worst floods in many years, mainly because the state of Kerala was affected from North to South and the water was high and powerful. 
But here I do not want to go over many of the stories already out there.  I just want to admire the youngsters from our state.  The young people have gone out of their way to help in every which way they can, organising food, rescues, helping out at camps, now helping in cleaning up, and youngsters from all walks of life.  Appreciation has been given to our fisher folk, who really have been heroes and to the Armed Forces.  But here I want to express my appreciation for the very many youngsters who went all out to help whoever they could.  Kudos to you young people.  With such people around, the future of our state looks great!

03 August 2018

Exciting Day!

Today I met up with my best friend from school after maybe 30 years.  She lives in Calcutta and I live far away in Kerala.  I met her last around 30 years ago, on a trip to Calcutta, but that was so briefly.  
This time she was here in Kerala with family and friends doing a tourist trip of the hills and backwaters.  Thanks to Facebook (occasionally some of the good things that come out of Facebook!) we were in touch with each other and hence the chance to meet.  We spent a lovely afternoon together in the middle of their trip and it really was wonderful.  After all, both of us passed out of school in 1966--52 years ago!!!  
We are both old and gray, but I think for both of us--for a little while at least--the years slipped away.  Lovely memories, great day.
Only--we forgot to take any photographs!

01 July 2018

A whirlwind two weeks

My son and family had come here for just two weeks and it went by so fast, I can't even believe that they came and left!  But anyway at least we got them for 2 weeks.
I am sure though that they are glad to get back home as they have been out of their house for over 3 weeks, as they had a stop in Aspen, Colorado on the way here.
I miss them but it is a nice thought that we can visit them next year.