01 December 2019

December again.

And so it is December of yet another year.  Once, in my early years of blogging, and when I was 10 years younger, I would have redone my blog in Christmas colours pretty soon after the start of December,  though I never put up my tree or decorated the house till the middle of December.
Since none of my children are coming for Christmas this year, I doubt that I will put up the tree.  I might just add a bit of decorations here and there and for sure I will hang up the star!  No house in Kerala is left without a star in December!
So, my husband and I are thinking of going somewhere for Christmas this once instead.  We still haven't planned.  Have to start thinking.

06 October 2019

October 5th, 46th birthday.

Yesterday was my eldest's birthday.  He would have been 46.  He was a person who left so many happy memories, in spite of all the bodily trials he had to go through.  He is still so much a part of our lives and the lives of his family and friends.  Mostly we can talk about him without grief, because he was a whole human being, with good and bad and he was one who acknowledged his faults pretty well.  But sometimes, knowing he is not there overwhelms me and I recall an article I read about grief and how it comes at unexpected times and then just takes over you.  I now accept that grief as a part of my life, but I also remember him with happiness.

23 August 2019

Back Home

I am now back at home after 7 weeks.  My dogs were ecstatic to have me back.  But I am still missing my son and family and all my feathered and furry friends.  I have written about them over on my 'Beauty around me' blog and will be putting pictures there too.

21 August 2019

Bye Chicago

And so it is out last day here.  My grandkids have gone back to school.  So we go back home.  Leave takings are always sad and I can already feel the missing.  I will miss too, the beautiful area around here to walk, the beautiful sunsets and all the wildlife--birds, squirrels and the occasional chipmunk.
It's been a good summer.  Wonder when we will be able to come back.  I guess if my husband and I remain healthy we can think of returning after a year or two.
Goodbye Chicagoland and all my furry friends.

12 August 2019

End of summer--almost

Schools here in the Chicago burbs will open week after next and then my husband and I will return home.  We have had lovely weather and have had a relaxing time.  I got to read oh so many books from the library here, (my daughter-in-law and grandkids are regular library visitors) and from my DIL's extensive collection of books.
But of course there have been horrific happenings in other parts of the US, which we have watched on the news and has made us somewhat scared to go to big gatherings. 
Anyway, we helped with looking after our grandkids and now they will go back to school and so will not need someone at home all the time and so we return the day after school reopens. 
I will probably post pictures of nature from close up that I love to watch, in my other blog Beauty around me. 

03 August 2019

It is getting really quite crazy how so much of the stats on this blog is coming from Russia.  Should I worry I wonder.  At this rate I may become a conspiracy theorist!!!

22 July 2019


So, I am in the US of A and enjoying the mostly balmy summer.  We have been here almost 3 weeks now.  
What I am particularly enjoying is the bird feeder in my son's garden.  There have been many birds visiting, though a large number of them have been sparrows.  But I have been using various tools online to identify the birds I get to see.  
It is also great to go for a walk around the lovely little lake near where I am staying.  There are the usual wild ducks, Canadian geese and sea gulls.  But there are many birds around.  I have also spied a lone hare, who seems to have a residence quite close to the house where we are staying.  He is usually in and around the same place when I go walking in the evening.
I am enjoying the company of my grandkids too.  I do hope they are enjoying themselves a bit too.
Will post pictures by and by.