06 September 2015

US summer

I was in the US of A for around 5 weeks and just got back a week ago.  As it was summer, we didn't have to load ourself up with extra clothing--our usual clothing for India was enough.  There is a beautiful lake near where my son lives and I managed to walk almost every day, which certainly upped my stamina.  But alas, all the desserts that are so easily available there, proved too much to resist towards the end of my stay and therefore, I have become a little more well endowed.  The next time I shall endeavour to use a little more restraint and only eat dark chocolate and fruits and maybe the occasional gelato!
I really, really do want to go in Fall once.

19 July 2015

Off to the US for a month.  It should be lovely there now.  Am sure it will be very pleasant walking around the lake near my son's home.  Looking forward to seeing summer in her full glory.

26 June 2015

Z is for Zzzs

At last it's the end of the A to Z blog posts and naturally it should end with zzzzzs--sleep beautiful sleep.

Z is for zither, zip, zig-zag and zit
Zero and zest, zingy and zeitgist
It's also for Zamorin, Zachariah, zebra
And last but not least, zzzzs and Za!!

25 June 2015

Y is for Youth, Yesterday, Yawn

Youth is what seems so prized, that today, so many people--who can no longer make any claim to youth--wish to continue looking young and put themselves through so much, to achieve that end.  But I am guessing that even those who want to look young, won't really want to go back to their youth.  Whenever I think about it, I am quite glad I am no longer a teenager, especially in today's world, where anything deemed as weakness can be exposed and ripped apart cruelly, not just by your own circle, but by the world at large.  When one is young, one is so conscious of one's shortfalls,plus the need to impress the world around is so great.  The angst of the young can be so torturous.  It's good to grow out of that.
Now youthfulness is another thing altogether.  To me it signifies someone with the mental/physical energy of youth, but without the angst, someone who has gained wisdom from all the experiences they have been through and still have enthusiasm for life.  I have a much older cousin like that, still ready--at 83--to have fun, and it's not that she's a super healthy 80 year old either.

Yesterdays are what those folks, not in their youth, have plenty of.  My yesterdays form a kaleidoscope of colour, some blue, some really dark, dark and some bright and rainbow-like.

Yawn, sleepy time --  "Yawn, yawn , yawn your sleepies out (3)
                                      And wiggle your waggles away. "   A verse from a song my junior school kids sing :-)

24 June 2015

X is for Xylophone and Xi, and Xu

Xylophone, the musical instrument made of wooden panels, picture from Wikipedia
"Xylophone" by Roumpf - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

  Incidentally Wikipedia says that the xylophone may have originated in Asia.

Of course, for this X post, I just had to look up the Scrabble dictionary, for 2 letter words with X and there were just the 2 words--Xi for a letter of the Greek alphabet and Xu, a Vietnamese coin.

23 June 2015

W is for Wait

Wait--don't go
Wait--the night's still young,
Wait--I'll be alone
Wait--I'm scared of the dark
Wait, please wait with me
'Til I'm gone.

"Wait till the darkness is over,
Wait till the tempest is done,

Hope for the sunshine tomorrow,
After the shower is gone.

Whispering hope, oh how welcome thy voice,
Making my heart in its sorrow rejoice."

Septimus Winner (1891)

22 June 2015

V is for vintage and vegetables

I had always associated the word Vintage with age--wine of a certain age or vintage clothes.  But, on searching online dictionaries for the precise meaning of Vintage, apparently the word means not just aged but the finest quality of a certain period.  From that it figured that if some Senior is labelled as vintage, it should be taken as a compliment--the finest from that age/year.  All those who have grown old gracefully are certainly vintage then, which is why it is a pleasure being with such people, just as wine of a good vintage is a pleasure to drink :-)  Here's to such people.
Vegetables are good for us as we all know.  But try telling that to a majority of children, and, a large number of Syrian Christians (the community I belong to).  For them eating vegetables is a sad necessity and usually done only during Lent. I remember my husband's grandmother, who never ate vegetables when it was not a Lent time, because, as she used to tell her daughter, she observed all the Lenten days of the Orthodox Church calendar ( quite a large number) and was a vegetarian on Fridays.  So she felt she ate enough vegetables to make up for the rest of the year.