20 July 2007

I have my own computer connected back to the Net!
I can't tell you how much better I feel. As my husband works on the computer, it is very difficult to get internet time on his computer. Ever since my eldest son & wife got this computer for me, I've become spoiled :)
Anyway, soon after I got my computer back, I got to talk to my US son & wife on Skype and that's made everything much better.
Thanks so much to all of you who have given me so much support the last couple of weeks. Hiphopgrandmom, I do know it's for my son's betterment that he's gone and I am glad for him. It's just that after having had him in the same town for 6 years at a stretch, it was difficult to let him go. Very soon I'll have the webcam set up too and that will improve matters even more.

18 July 2007

The past couple of days haven't been good.
Firstly, as I posted earlier, my younger son and wife left for the US on Sunday night. The longest I have not seen any of my children has been around 3 to 4 months. But, what upsets me most is that I cannot talk easily to them. Now I have to factor in the time difference and call a landline and see if they are there. All this time my son had his mobile phone, on which he was almost always accessible and I could hear his voice whenever I wanted--wherever he was in India. Anyway, I guess in around a month's time, when they finally settle down in their apartment and set up their skype and webcam it will feel better.
Then a good family friend passed away. He had not been well for quite a while. He was a warm and generous person and a very good husband, father and son and friend. He will be missed greatly.
Lastly, and most frustratingly, my computer does not connect to the Net. So I have to share time with my husband, who is almost always online! Well, I hope to have that set right in a few days time.

13 July 2007

Am in Chennai now to see of my son and wife. I've been managing to hold on ok, more so that I am here now and with all my kids and my grandson. Went out for a big city haircut(turned out awful in my opinion) and sitting in the car with grandson in my lap gave me such a warm feeling. Will put them on the plane on Sunday and then leave here Monday evening. Will probably need to blog badly when they leave!

06 July 2007

I feel really, really low. One reason is that a close family friend is very ill and in pain and feeling helpless to ease that is truly depressing. Then there is the fact that my husband is feeling a bit low and that mostly gets me down(guess we've been married too long for it not to). Then there is this reason, which although I'm a professed feminist I can't get out off, is that being a bad & unenthusiastic cook makes me less of a woman(read wife and mother). I know it's stupid and my daughter for one is going to jump on me for that, but every now and then the feeling just takes over. Lastly it is the knowledge that my son & daughter-in-law are leaving in 2 days to live abroad has become too solid for me to avoid facing anymore. Their things have all been moved here and I've been putting things where I want them little by little. But today, when I put away all the food they had in their fridge, it all became just too real and I felt like I'd been socked in the stomach. I realise I'm not unique(after all there are ever so many NRIs* & PIOs* out there) and they are going forth to better their lives. But it still feels awful. But somehow been able to carry on, with the occasional computer time helping immensely. Nothing like playing mindless games! Wish me luck to get over the next couple of days.
*NRI--Non-resident Indian, PIO--Person of Indian Origin

05 July 2007

My children are here and it's their last few days at home before their big move. so I don't want to think too much about anything and so can't do a proper post. So here are a couple more pictures I did all using plain old Paint .


04 July 2007

Saw this test on Hiphop grandmom's site and had to try it out.

happy 4th of July to all my American friends

01 July 2007

Thought I would put up a couple of pictures I drew on the computer, both done a while back. The first was drawn for a child; the second is supposed to be a bright moonlit night :)