20 April 2014

Easter Breakfast

Easter breakfast for my husband's family--siblings who are in town and any of their children present--was in our house today.  My husband has 6 siblings alive, 5  of whom live in this town.  So any family event turns into a party.  Today there were 14 of us for breakfast.  Since Lent is observed by many--meat and fish is given up for Lent.  Some give up eggs and/or sweets, and drinkers usually give up alcohol.  So everybody is waiting to eat meat for breakfast.  A must is our rice bread--appams--and a chicken stew made with coconut milk etc. and a sort of devilled egg dish.  Without those two items, it would not be Easter.  The rest is up to the hostess!  So I decided to make a mix of bacon, sausage, chicken livers and baby potatoes.  It was a big hit.  I came across a very interesting cake--a rum-cola cake, with cocoa added.  So I made that too as there were no young children this time, the youngest being 17.  The cake is soaked in a rum & cola syrup.  Very boozy.  At the end of breakfast everyone was in a state of torpor with food and the unbearable heat and humidity at this time of the year.  I am still a little groggy I think.
Happy Easter to all.

18 April 2014

It is early morning Thursday.  The church is packed for the Thursday Mass commemorating Jesus' Passover feast.  I stand at the back.  Slowly I slip away to the side wings, which have been erected to hold the spillover.  The grass there is cool and damp under my feet.  I can see a patch of sky.  It is yet dark blue.  A stained glass picture of the Madonna and Child shine from the lights in the church.
As I look up, between prayers, I see the sky turn a lighter blue.  Day is breaking.  The sky is now tinged with pink.  A flock of small birds fly out from behind the church spire--black silhouettes against the rose-tinted sky.  The Madonna shines serenely.  All around me disappear.  I am alone with my Maker.