30 August 2008

Night walks

This past week, our power cuts have been scheduled from 7.00 to 7.30 pm. Since our generator will not support the computer, I have been walking outside at that time during the last couple of days, as it hasn't been raining.
AT 7 pm it is really dark here (as it is the second half of the year). But I walk without a torch. There are a couple of porch lights and that's all. But I do love the dark. Besides since I have 2 doggie companions, I don't worry about snakes. Snakes are supposed to stay away with vibrations. So, since the younger dog (not mine, but from next door)being young and peppy, literally pounds the road, I bet the snakes keep far away.
Last night was pretty. The sky was very cloudy and there was far away lightning. At a particular spot on my walk, in a clump of trees, I saw these fairy lights blinking--fireflies. An owl hooted somewhere in the undergrowth. Beautiful! Unfortunately, my nose wasn't functioning too well. So can't tell you the scents.
Funny thing is I searched other areas for the fireflies, but I couldn't see them. It was probably because that was that was the only place-near tarmacked road--that was really dark.

01 August 2008

Am sitting at my computer listening to Ella Fitzgerald with a background of the monsoon frog chorus. My computer screen is a magnet (in this otherwise dark room) for tiny insects, which manage to come in, in spite of the mosquito netting. Wish I had a fancy camera that could take pictures at night. Well, we have our half-hour power cut in 5 minutes. So before that here are a couple of pictures taken around here (and in school).