08 March 2021


 So the vaccinations in India have been rolled out for senior citizens.  My husband and I had our first shot today.  There has been a rush to register online to get the vaccines.  Today, at the centre we went to, there were 100 people waiting for the vaccine.  But we do not have drive by vaccination centres.  Besides, they make each person wait half and hour after the shot, to know if anybody has any adverse reaction, which was reassuring for amny with allergies or other issues.

But the guidelines are that masking and hand washing have to continue.  But then I guess masking, if one as a cold is always a good idea and maybe folks will get used to putting on a mask if one has a cold.  In our state, as masking is mandatory, you rarely see anyone in  a public space without a mask.  I guess masking up will become a way of life or maybe that is just a hope.  

Anyway here is hoping that this virus will slowly become controlled.

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