25 March 2008

My computer is up and working again!! What a relief.

I realise I am truly lucky to live in and work in beautiful surroundings. Both around my house and the schools I work at, are many trees, full of the common birds of our part of the world. Yesterday and today, at school, while looking out at the trees I spied so many birds and felt so grateful to my Creator that I had the opportunity to see these creatures.
I am at present invigilating the mandatory school-leaving public exams. The hall in which the children write their exams is surrounded by many trees, which are full of bird life. Now that the unseasonal rains are over, the birds are out in large numbers. Yesterday, just before I left the hall at around 5 p.m. I spied a black-headed oriole and felt truly blest. The plumage is such a brilliant golden colour and the head so black as in the pictures I had put in this post . It was a beautiful sight. I also saw a pair of tree pies fighting for a piece of twig, really amusing!.

A treepie. The bird is an average size. The tail is long and very attractive.

Then today I spied a pair of green barbets eating the tiny fruit of some tree. There were a pair of magpie robins too, who had obviously built a nest somewhere nearby, because I had heard their sweet sounds every afternoon, during the examinations, for the past so many days.

A magpie robin. He's a small guy and has a really sweet warble.

Can you spy the barbet in among the leaves? This is the way I usually spy the bird, in my guava tree or on the cinnamon tree, when it comes to eat the fruit.
All of these are beautiful and I really feel lucky I get to see them almost on a daily basis.

(All the pictures are from wikimedia)


  1. These are very pretty birds indeed.

    I am waiting to see the red-breasted robin...the true sign of spring is the robin. I'm afraid we are in for yet another snowstorm. Ugh. When will winter loosen it's grip? Oh, well. The snow is melting...

  2. Oh the pics are grand..
    On the way to chemo Friday
    I saw hundreds of Robins
    looking for WORMS!!

    must be Spring here..
    fondly, Deena

  3. Your birds are beautiful.

    We have cardinals all winter long, but now we're seeing lots of robins and house wrens and such. We have two nesting in the side window and another pair has claimed the dry corner above the front door. Love them.

  4. Such pretty colored birds. It is nice seeing some of the birds from other countries. Even some of god`s beautiful camouflage with the green on the bird matching the leaves.

  5. Wow. I've never seen a barbet before. Love the green!

  6. Beautiful birds - it's nice to see all the different feathered friends that exist in the world!


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