01 March 2008

A beauty

At school on Friday we were having a meeting with a parent with me facing outside. Suddenly a flash of brilliant yellow caught my eye. But the bird settled just out of my line of vision. I was desperately tempted to get up. But decided against it, since I didn't want parent to think that 'ohmigod my kid has a nutty teacher'. So I sat tight hoping the bird wouldn't fly away. But unfortunately, before said meeting was over, the flash of yellow flew past and over the roof. But I got enough of a glimpse to confirm it was a golden oriole and not a black-headed one. I haven't seen one in a long long time. I do wish I could have taken a picture myself. As I couldn't I have had to rely on the Net. The picture was taken from the tourism page of one of our states.

Golden Oriole (courtesy Jharkand government site)

Black-headed Oriole (courtesy Karnataka wilderness tourism)


  1. What rotten timing. At least you got a glimpse of it. :) From the picture, it looks beautiful. I bet it looks even more beautiful in real life.

    I haven't seen a bird for a while. When I see a robin (Wisconsin state bitd), then I'll know spring's coming. :) I am waiting for finches. I have a thing that can hold a square suet for birds right outside the window where I do dishes. Also, my gramma loved to watch birds.

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