12 March 2007

I've been out of action for a few days because I went around with an infection which got out of hand I guess. For three days I was completely laid up and feeling really low. When i took a specific antipyretic though, I got around to do what I needed to do. Guess it was everything catching up with me. Feeling much more positive now.
I wanted to put up a pic of the dog I do have still with me--my 10 year old Dobe. But as usual I had to find a picture from the Net as I don't have any scanned pictures of her to upload. So here is a picture (which too came from Wikipedia) which looks remarkably like her. Wanted to add that according to Wikipedia, the Dobermann is really a very lovable breed, depending on upbringing of course!! Mine really is very loveable and she particularly loves kids. I guess it's also cos she's been lucky--she's never had kids being mean to her.

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  1. Your Dobo looks pensive.Missing her pal perhaps.


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