15 November 2007

While we were practising the dance, all my young colleagues were complaining about the fact that they all had tummies. They are all mothers. I spend 'thought time' over that and I realised that once a woman becomes a mother, almost certainly her tummy--especially the lower ab--is bound to be a little flabby and then I wanted to tell all the young mothers everywhere, 'Don't feel bad about your tummy. It's because you have been able to be a mother. Think of all the women who can't be a mother (and want to be). Besides, it's because we were healthy as mothers and had the money for the necessary nutrition at that time too.'
So, all you mothers out there, be more accepting of your tum. Of course it's good to exercise and do what's necessary to be healthy. But don't get upset comparing your body to that of a skinny, not-yet-a-woman 18-yr-old's body (which seems to be the basis on which skinny beauty is defined in my view).


  1. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Like me!

  2. U are so on the mark. HOpe they heard you.

  3. You're right, you know. :)


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