22 June 2015

V is for vintage and vegetables

I had always associated the word Vintage with age--wine of a certain age or vintage clothes.  But, on searching online dictionaries for the precise meaning of Vintage, apparently the word means not just aged but the finest quality of a certain period.  From that it figured that if some Senior is labelled as vintage, it should be taken as a compliment--the finest from that age/year.  All those who have grown old gracefully are certainly vintage then, which is why it is a pleasure being with such people, just as wine of a good vintage is a pleasure to drink :-)  Here's to such people.
Vegetables are good for us as we all know.  But try telling that to a majority of children, and, a large number of Syrian Christians (the community I belong to).  For them eating vegetables is a sad necessity and usually done only during Lent. I remember my husband's grandmother, who never ate vegetables when it was not a Lent time, because, as she used to tell her daughter, she observed all the Lenten days of the Orthodox Church calendar ( quite a large number) and was a vegetarian on Fridays.  So she felt she ate enough vegetables to make up for the rest of the year.

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