20 June 2015

T is for Teaching

I have been a teacher, off and on, for around 35 years.  I did short stints, at the school where my children studied, as a substitute teacher.  Then, in 1982, I joined my friend, who started a pre-school and have been there since then, with a 10 year gap in between.  I enjoy teaching pre-school and junior school.  Teaching, to me anyway, is to be part of the hope of a future.  You read and hear about disastrous happenings and dismal news.  But when you teach and you see the kids around you, you feel that possibly, one or more of these kids will grow up to be game changers, change the way life on earth is viewed, change the way things are done maybe--endless possibilities.
Besides, teaching small children helps keeps my mind from atrophying and keeps my mind young.

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