15 June 2015

Q is for Quizzes, qi and qat too

This post is really short because, after all, how much can one do with Q, especially as we don't have a Queen in India, whom we could write about.  So......
I love trying all sorts of quizzes and so, when I found the Quizzup app, I loved it.  I'm also a sucker for trying all those Facebook quizzes--'what is your brain like' type of thing.
And as for the words Qi and Qat, they are the beloved of scrabble players, because they don't need the mandatory u after the q, so that one can place the q before a free i, or arrange qat very nicely over another word with, hopefully the q on a triple letter score, and get a huge number of points!
A board with QI on it.

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