12 June 2015

O is for Old and Opals

Yes, I am growing older-I am certainly not getting any younger anyway.  But now it appears that the 60s are the new 40s :-).
According to the old Indian tradition, completing 60 years on this earth was a big achievement and with that one could put aside earthly responsibilities and devote oneself entirely to the spiritual.  That was when one went on pilgrimages, if desired.  But in those old days, without modern medicine, 60 was quite an age and the years beyond were a bonus.  But now 60 is no longer that old.  As long as we keep ourselves active, there are so many options for keeping ourselves busy and happy.  I am now 63.  My body may protest if I try to do quite as much as a younger person, my skin is not dewy, my hair is sprinkled liberally with grey and my face is lined.  But what the heck, I don't care about all that kind of stuff any more.  I may still want to look chic, but I no longer care that I am not skinny and that my flesh is sagging (big time bat-wing arms!).  How liberating that is!  So I think I'm pretty contented with where I am in time.

Opals are the Libra stone.  I love their changeable colours.  But my favourite is the greeny blue kind.

I'm taking a break tomorrow, because it is my grandson's birthday and I'll be attending that and staying over at their place.  So next blog post on Sunday.

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