08 June 2015

L is for Libra, Learning

Yes I am a Libra--
This is, most of it, so correct, except the artistic bit :-)

Learning, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary is both (1)The acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught, and (2)Knowledge acquired through study, experience, or being taught.
As one grows older, one is supposed to become wiser through the second type of learning-knowledge that is acquired.  But for that to happen we have to be open to the first type of learning, whether it is learning from our experiences, or through self-study or through training to acquire new skills.  Being open to the idea that we can always learn from the world around us keeps our minds young I think.  Realising that, in spite of whatever knowledge we have acquired by the very fact of having lived so long, that there is still so much we do not know and will never know, is essential to keep us humble.   As we grow old, many of us do tend to act as though we are beyond new learning, because we have seen it all. But, even an old dog can learn new tricks, or at least learn that there are these new tricks,which he may not be able to do.  The fact that there all these tricks he can already perform, doesn't necessarily make him the most learned dog on the block.

So tomorrow on to M.

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