07 June 2015

K is for Kerala, Kovalam.....

Kerala is the state I'm from and where I live--advertised as 'God's won Country'.  Here's a tourist map of my state.  Nice one!

Kovalam is one of my favourite beaches, also because it is the best beach, reachable in less than half a day.  There may be better beaches for swimming further north in the state, but I haven't been there.
Kovalam is a little south-west of the capital Trivandrum.  Since my grandfather lived in Trivandrum for a while, I have been visiting Kovalam for almost 50 years.  So I have seen it grow from a small fishing village, but with a beautiful beach, to the touristy place it has become today.  The now much more popular beach there--the so called Eve's beach--was a very difficult place to access when we were young.  It began to be developed around 30 years back.  Now it is the main tourist hangout in Kovalam area.  A picture of the sunset there, one of the many I have taken.

K is also for Kolkata, where I did my high school.  Of course when I was there then, it was spelt with a C!  I haven't been to Kolkata now for over 25 years.  So I have no pictures.  I have been planning a visit there for a while.  Hope to make it not in too distant a future.

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