06 June 2015

J is for Jazz and Jackfruit

Jazz is definitely my go-to music.  I love Western and Eastern Instrumental Classical Music as well as, of course, oldies from when I was young-60s and early 70s mainly--and Latin music too, but there I end up listening to Latin Jazz.
My all time favourite piece--Take Five.
I was introduced to Jazz by my elder brother when I was about 15 and my love for Jazz has only grown with age.

Now for the Jackfruit.  It is one of the very common fruits here--from about January till around June end.  It is supposed to be the largest tree borne fruit.  The wood is also hardy and is often used to make furniture here.  Here is a picture of one of my trees with fruit.  The fruit is cooked and eaten as a vegetable when raw and, when ripe, eaten as is or made into sweet dishes.

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