14 December 2010

Why is it that some people are so judgemental about someone else's perceived misdeeds, but can never see it when they themselves do the same deeds? I have so often heard folks cut up someone else (behind their backs of course!) for behaving in a certain way/doing certain deeds. Then, when they behave in the very same way themselves, they get so upset if they are judged negatively for said deeds. Is it that some people just cannot put themselves in the other person's shoes? Is it that they feel that they are somehow more superior and hence they ought not to be judged but they have the right to judge? Maybe these people have never learnt--as we were repeatedly taught-- that when pointing a finger at someone, four fingers point to oneself .
It is so easy to be judgemental, it seems.


  1. it is always easy to judge others and behave as if your opinion in the matter is final or that you are an authority on the subject.Thankfully I have learned to ignore such people. As for me i never discuss a topic unless it has a social or psychological relevance and my sole purpose is to find a solution and listen to other view points. I think that this should be the only purpose in discussing other people's problems. This should preferably involve the person concerned.

  2. Wish you a Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year!


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