03 December 2010

After one month!

I just realised yesterday, that I hadn't posted for over a month!  I guess that I've been spending whatever computer time I got last month, in planning a family holiday for next summer--with children and grandchildren.  I think I've had so much fun planning the holiday, that even if we don't go on the kind of holiday I planned, I wouldn't feel I'd wasted my time :-)   With the Internet it is so much fun and so much easier to find out details.  Earlier, one would have to go sit in the travel agent's office for days at a time and mostly we would have to take what they--travel agents--had to offer.  Isn't it great how the Net has given us freedom of choice?
The Net and what it can do in making choices, in shaping opinion too has been so apparent in the last few days especially, post the Radia tapes.  It's wonderful that so many young people are taking such an active interest in all that is happening and I don't think that would have happened without the Internet.  I feel that this was not the case even a decade back, without Twitter and so much easier access to the Internet.
Well, since this is a random post, I feel I should add that I didn't post because I didn't have anything to post about.  I lead a fairly boring, predictable life and hence nothing to post about.  I had nothing to post about even in my nature blog.  Hopefully there will be more stuff to blog about this month.

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