06 June 2010

Sometimes distractions are the only way to go when there are problems you cannot solve--problems that are other people's maybe, but that upset you nevertheless.


  1. sometimes it is hard to solve everything and yes distractions will atleast temporarily let you forget.

  2. Unfortunately my favorite distraction is baking. And then eating. And then baking again.

    Go for something healthier, like nature photography -- you have such a good eye.

  3. Chin up Sue:)

    I like Esbee's distraction - well the eating bit anyway!

    The net is my distraction - I am queen of Google and Wikipedia:)

  4. i know ... i know !
    when you have troubles, you feel your world is going to crash

  5. The garden is always a nice distraction for me ... if I'm cross or upset then the pruning gets done pretty quickly.

    I bet your four legged fitness instructor is a nice distraction,

    Sending you a smile, from me to you*!*


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