10 May 2009

I have been not only off blog world, but off the Internet too mostly, although grandson has gone with his parents--5 days now. 
Firstly the last week the power has been off quite a few times during the day--our Electricity Board gearing up for the coming monsoons.  Then I read Eragorn and Eldest back to back.  There is of course all the housework that got neglected during my bussssy days and last night a humdinger of a migraine, which knocked me out. 
There are so many posts I keep thinking of, but don't sit at the computer long enough to type them out.  Pictures of my grandson's visit I plan to put up on the famly blog sometime this week.

03 May 2009

Just wanted to tell everybody that yes, my grandson had returned with us, which is why I've been barely able to sit at the computer. Hope to catch up with blogworld sometime this week.