26 September 2008

This post by Mary Ann over at Desperately Seeking Serenity made me think.  She talks about maybe overdoing the introspection and self-improvement thing.  It so resonated with me.
I realised that I pay way too much attention on self-improvement, on becoming the 'perfect' me.  But then again, a person actually has complete control only over oneself.  There have been times in my life when I have felt that I had no control over many of the happenings in my life.  But I knew that I could always have control over me.
But , I so often wish my mind would be still, without the constant barrage of critical appraisal going on for each of my actions--'That was a dumb thing to do';  'What a stupid thing to say'; 'This is pure drivel' [:(] There are moments of 'That came out good' positive stuff too.   Sometimes I so desperately wish my mind would shut up and let me do something without any appraisal going on.
Anyway, at my age, there is one thing I realise, I have come to a pretty good acceptance of my physical self, which I probably achieved with all the self-talk.  So, in everything there's some good and some bad and moderation is the key I suppose.


  1. Introspection is both an asset and possible pitfall for those of us blessed/challenged with it. You are wise to know the limits.

  2. It's so easy to be our own worst critic but we can be our very own cheer squad, we just need to turn up the volume for our cheer squad more often*!*

    I'm pleased you had a wonderful time with your daughter and grandson, even if the weather didn't give you the chance to fly the kite - perhaps you could get someone to take your photo doing it and send it to your grandson ... that would give him something to tell his teacher :)

  3. Thanks both. Bimbimbie, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe i'll get my nephew to do it over the weekend and then send my grandson the pic.

  4. I think that is one of the greatest pluses of turning 40 - you begin to realise that it is impossible to be perfect or try to change everything about yourself and develop a healthy acceptance of your faults and an appreciation of your merits.
    Yes, there is too much frenzy about being perfect these days and it ia a lot more to do with what is outside that the inner self.

  5. I agree that moderation is the key. I think that self-improvement is important as long as one remembers that it is all about balance :)

    I am finding some self-improvement books very helpful I must say. I had not read too many before.

  6. Anonymous12:59 am

    I too have those moments, when I think whether what i said, I should have said or not and when I don't say something I should have said :) And then I go about evaluating myself a lot! It reaches a dead end!!


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