08 September 2008

Onam vacation

Schools here are closed for the Onam festival. So I'm on vacation. Both schools I go to had their Onam celebrations before school closed. One was on Friday and the other one on Saturday. AThapoo--flower carpets are an essential part of Onam. These are flower carpets done at the 2 schools. Everybody gets together to do this and the children have a lovely time, because you pull the flowers and leaves to pieces and then arrange them. They enjoy the pulling apart!

It so happens that my grandson has his vacation at the same time, although he doesn't live in Kerala. It turned out that way because our Onam is very late this year. So, my daughter and grandson are here for about a week. It's been a very long time since my daughter has been able to come and stay for a week--in fact not since she had her son I think. So she's really happy to be at home and realx and take it easy.
But---I may not be able to post (not that I've been posting that often recently). But I promise to post some pictures after they leave maybe.


  1. I like the new look to your blog. A lot of flowers must get pulled apart to make those flower carpets, no wonder the children like that part of the celebrations.

    Enjoy your break and visit from your daughter and grandson *!*

  2. Hi Hillgrandmom
    I stopped in from Dot's she left a message for someone to come tell you that she is having problems getting into you blog. Just so you know.

    Those are very colorful carpets to be honest when the page first opened up i thought it was one of those lazy suzan trays full of guacamoli and crackers.
    Ok I better go eat before i chew on my carpet.

    Hope you have fun with the grandkids :)

  3. Love the flower carpet. I also enjoy learning about other Countries. May I ask what the "Onam" festivale is celebrating? Wonderful having the children helping to make the beautiful flower carpets.
    Must be wonderful having your daughter and her son visiting after not seeing her for so long.

    I enjoyed reading about your evening walks and the fireflies and stars.
    Hugs, Dot

  4. Lovely flower rangolis . Have agreat time with the baby :)

  5. Your blog template looks very nice - like the nature aspect! Like Walker - I first thought thos trays were food! Very nice presentation.


  7. Happy Onam Hillg'mom.The flower carpet was wonderful.


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