30 August 2008

Night walks

This past week, our power cuts have been scheduled from 7.00 to 7.30 pm. Since our generator will not support the computer, I have been walking outside at that time during the last couple of days, as it hasn't been raining.
AT 7 pm it is really dark here (as it is the second half of the year). But I walk without a torch. There are a couple of porch lights and that's all. But I do love the dark. Besides since I have 2 doggie companions, I don't worry about snakes. Snakes are supposed to stay away with vibrations. So, since the younger dog (not mine, but from next door)being young and peppy, literally pounds the road, I bet the snakes keep far away.
Last night was pretty. The sky was very cloudy and there was far away lightning. At a particular spot on my walk, in a clump of trees, I saw these fairy lights blinking--fireflies. An owl hooted somewhere in the undergrowth. Beautiful! Unfortunately, my nose wasn't functioning too well. So can't tell you the scents.
Funny thing is I searched other areas for the fireflies, but I couldn't see them. It was probably because that was that was the only place-near tarmacked road--that was really dark.


  1. I too like night walks but am not too confident these days.

  2. My god, you seem to live in a place straight out of a picture postcard.

    Please pick up your award at my blog.

  3. The night walks sound lovely. Fireflies are so special to me, like little stars.

  4. Well Usha I guess almost picture post card. Though I live right near a big highway, we live in a large area, along with my husband's 3 brothers and sundry relatives. In this busy part of town, we have among a few of the remnants of a large estate type grounds. This property was purchase over 60 years ago by my father-in-law. I guess I'm really lucky to live among so much greenery, with all the mod-cons available too

  5. You brought your words to life. I could picture it very vividly.

    I may not see stars and only a few fireflies, the fairy lights that people leave out way past Christmas is so enjoyable for me.

  6. Oh power cuts are infuriating! But then again...sometimes we forget all the natural beauty around us. Maybe we should have obligatory power cuts just so we don't forget....

    We had an owl in our garden too the other night... it was sitting at the top of the fur tree, like a silver statue in the moonlight.


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