01 August 2008

Am sitting at my computer listening to Ella Fitzgerald with a background of the monsoon frog chorus. My computer screen is a magnet (in this otherwise dark room) for tiny insects, which manage to come in, in spite of the mosquito netting. Wish I had a fancy camera that could take pictures at night. Well, we have our half-hour power cut in 5 minutes. So before that here are a couple of pictures taken around here (and in school).


  1. Power cut. We used to have rolling power outages in Guam 2 hours at a time in the evening rotating by hour and by night...Candlelight was not so romantic for a while.

    WE are having quite a symphony of cicadas this year and at night a lot of frogs join in/ It is raucous.

  2. LOvely pics.. I love the sound of the night..but sure don't love the mosquitoes..
    smiles to you, Deena

  3. Beautiful pictures , enviable ambience , lovely get up on the blog and lazy S for not posting more often

  4. One of the things I miss of the country, since I live on the edges of a city, is the sound of the night. In the city the night sounds are much like the day sounds...traffic and people noises. I miss the sound of frogs and trees swaying in the breeze...


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