20 July 2008

Why do I need to feel appreciated?
Why do I feel the need to be valued?
Why do I feel the need to be validated?
Why do I feel the need to be thought of highly?
It is my ego, my ego that doesn't let go.

May I learn the lesson of egolessness in this life.


  1. Everyone wants to be valued . Something to do with self esteem and all that . And most of us want to be thought of highly . Very few like me who don't really care unless I value them highly .:) Cheer up Sue .

  2. Everyone wants to be appreciated..that is a perfectly normal feeling! It is tough though when you feel you aren't being appreciated and that pushes one into a downward spiral of low self esteem and feeling it is wrong to have an "ego". But if "ego" in this context means feeling valued, loved and appreciated by people who matter to you then you have every right to desire it...that's healthy, normal and a basic human need. Don't fret about it, you're just like the rest of us fragile people....

  3. a state of egolessness has been trumped up for a long time...i have often asked myself, what is ego?...is it I?, is it my identity?...but identity is just a term that I give myself as a whole...so i is in reality absent...or is it?..is it my needs and wants? is it my emotions and motions?...where is this I ?... is it the observer in me? that I which watches over my actions and thoughts, aloof and still?...which one of that is my ego?...if one goes who will observe what?

    Containing or restricting or resisting has a way of giving more substance to the thing that we try to contain or resist...try awareness...just watch and see..observe urself...without effort...dont try to control anything...just watch every thought, follow its path to its source or goal, without participating...that awareness has a way of quitening everything down...dont expect anything...becoz i mite say that in the end u will see a light, but u mite see a mist...since we are all , like u said, bottled differently, our experiences will be also different...theres no right path....explore everything, reason everthing, go with what u r comfortable with, with what is acceptable to u...

    if tht sounded preachy, i apologize...i shud shut up now.


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