17 July 2008

Another Tag

Hiphop Grandmom tagged me.
I had already seen this tag a while back on somebody else’s blog, before I was tagged with it and thought it looked interesting.
Here are some of my favourite literary characters…
Jo or Josephine from Louisa M Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ series, particularly in 'Little Men'. She is my all time favourite I think, I identified so much with her and so wanted to be like her too.
Anne from the ‘Anne of Green Gable’ series by L.M. Montgomery,
Jane from Jane Eyre,
Pollyanna, though she’s got bad press in the US now—too goody-goody,
Heidi—how I loved Heidi;
The witches from the Discworld series
Just too many characters from the Harry Potter series,
Frodo and Gandalf—Tolkien
Jane Austen’s sensible heroines (I’m an absolute sucker for sensible heroines)
Gerald Durrell—he’s not a fictional hero of course, but was a person I truly admired and along with him I add James Herriot.
As you can see, most of my favourite characters are women! I always loved strong women, who didn’t let circumstances get them down and whose characters grew and expanded through their experiences.
I forgot to add Kunti Devi from Mahabharatha.
This tag I want Beks to do as also Geeta A J.


  1. Oh, I loved Heidi so much. I couldn't relax and enjoy Little Women because I'd overheard that one of them died. but, Heidi, I simply loved. There was such a cozy feeling about it. I may have to read that again.

    Only other book I felt that way about as a child was Nancy and Plum.

  2. Sometimes I think I like my childhood books the best :)

  3. I have not read the Discworld books but Lydia plowed through them a year or so ago. Glad to hear from another about them.

    I love the Austen characters as well.

  4. Anonymous4:50 am

    :-)delurking for the first time to say how happy I am to see Jo March and James Herriott on your list. They are all my all time favorites too and Jo in fact, is the name I used for my blogger profile :-)...because I love her character and want to be like her :-)..tall order that .
    The other character I admire is Kannagi, the woman that burnt down the city of Madurai by a curse when she discovers the injustice meted out at her innocent husband . Despite all the negative energy associated with that caharcter - she inspires me .. and I plan to name my daugther (when she is born) after her.


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