01 April 2008

The power of Now!
The power of the present,
Do you ever stop to think of it?
The very words I've written here,
Are now in my past.
I may rewrite the words,
Redo the rhythm;
But that moment is gone,
Never to return,
It's history.

But each moment that passes
Is only a physical ageing.
The moment in time is gone,
'Tis true I will never be younger,
By even a moment.
But, for the Me I am,
My inner me,
The Who I am,
The passing of each moment
Is a growth.
I can undo,
and become more
of Who I am
Till my last living breath.


ONEDIA said...

That is such totally great insight. Love your poetry and glad to have a post of yours to read.


Geets said...

very meaningful....suze, honestly you should write more poems.....keep writing. some time back you had posted one, i liked that too.

Geets said...

btw, you are tagged!

3inone said...

Really lovely.

Bimbimbie said...

Just flying in to say hello and to thank you for leaving a comment with me.

Your poem is food for thought ... now I'm thinking should I move away from the computer and wash the breakfast dishes ;)

This is my first visit to India, I'm sure to visit again after seeing some of your bird photos. The little black and white one you call magpie robin looks very similar to our Willie Wagtail who likes to fan and move his tail from side to side as he sings *!*

Mary Ann (Moanna) said...

Beautiful poem. Reminds me that each moment can be a new beginning.

La delirante said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

hillgrandmom said...

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately the poetry muse doesn't visit me very often!

Shellmo said...

Very inspiring words.

Zololkis said...
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