27 April 2008

A tag from Hip Hop Grandmom

I have 2 tags to complete. I'll do the older one first.
Hip Hop Grandmom had tagged me to name 5 of my own posts with the following criteria: the five have to be about
4)My Love
5)Anything I like (my favourite post)

1)Family:- This post about my father's demise is the one I chose.

2)Friends: Well I have never written about the friends I have, who are not part of blog world, because I felt that I have no right to write about them, where they can't see what I've written. Otherwise, my best friends are in my family. So for this one I cheated a bit and I have chosen a post from the family blog about 2 friends!

3)Myself: The post I chose about growing old.

4)My love: Well my loves would include family, animals, the world outside my window....
But I have chosen 2 posts for this section about 2 people I love/d very much--the first one and the second one

5)Anything I like: Can't choose a favourite post. But this post I liked when I re-read it today.

As usual, I am not tagging anybody. But feel free to do the tag, if you wish.

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