18 December 2006

A touching evening.

Last week, my mother's younger brother and wife had come visiting her from Bangalore . She and her brother are the last surviving siblings of their 8 sibling family. It was quite an achievement as my uncle has a heart problem, a stent after a kidney problem, had been treated for prostate cancer and TB , besides which his wife is in the early stages of senile dementia.! They are both 86. They came only because my brother--who is in India at present--escorted them here and back.
Well, anyway, my mom and her bro were really happy to see each other as it's been more than 3 years and they had almost given up the thought that they could see each other. They got to spend 4 days with each other. They had a lovely time.
The evening I'm talking about was on Thurs. 14th, the day after my uncle and aunt came. My mother asked me to bring a guitar along. I borrowed one from someone and spent around an hour and half at the flat that evening. It was so sweet, my uncle had brought a song book for my mum with old English songs that they used to sing. So I played the guitar and the 4 of us sang. My brother was busy working. But he too joined for a couple of songs. He left after a bit though--when he couldn't keep his eyes from filling up.
We sang a number of songs. It was amazing how my aunt--who can't remember a number of people or even where she is exactly sometimes--could sing along to all her favourite songs! She still has a good voice too. There were times when I had to turn my head away and I couldn't sing any more because I was weeping. They were singing away but sort of accepting the fact that this kind of evening was extremely unlikely to happen again. It really brought to me the spirit of Christmas.


  1. That was an amazing post, hillgrandmom.

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  3. so glad that your mother and her brother, SIL had such a wonderful reunion- a very moving post...
    warm regards

  4. I am so glad for your mom.It was good of your uncle to come over.

  5. Thanks eve's l.
    hip grandma it really was a treat for her and for her brother I think.
    ardra--i'm really glad they came

  6. i know what you mean in a way...lovely post really...i was touched too...have a blessed Christmas!!

  7. So nice that they had the chance to spend time together. Glad your Aunt remembered the songs and was able to join in with the rest. Sad, thinking it might be the last time together, but real nice they were able to enjoy their time together so much.
    By the way, I love guitar music, even though I never payed a guitar. I did buy guitars for two of my sons when they were teenagers. I often use the guitar setting and the Country one on my organ.

  8. wow! That was very beautiful!

  9. Really amazing. Thanks for sharing this post.


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