18 March 2008

Haven't been posting for various reasons, but the biggest reason is that my computer's motherboard is not working :( I have to share a computer, which is ok in itself, but then I can't add any pictures I might take with my handy phone, and somehow, I miss mine--boo hoo.

Well anyway, the recession in the US seems to sucking in and pulling down the markets of many other countries--really a global world. Since that is my husband's main interest and the source of our incomes--now that he is retired--that naturally there is a great deal of talk about it in our house. Has the financial downturn affected any of you?


  1. Our income thankfully is not dependent on investments or savings so we can ride that out. Although in the long run my husband's 401K is an issue.

    One of the biggest issues for us is that the weak dollar and rising cost of fuel in the states affect our travel plans. A 100 mile trip to see parents (who are ill) or to do some shopping (for items that are unavailable locally) becomes much more expensive.

    We want to make an addition to our home (for husband's workshop) and to do some work in our kitchen. Wood and other materials are quite expensive now. Also, basic food prices are higher for milk, bread, fruit, vegetables. Our $7.00 bottles of wine for an evening glass are now $10.00 to $12.00.


  2. I think this crisis is affecting most parts of the world. I am concerned about my family because in my country the currency is the dollar, yeah, I know, great timing right? :( So I guess this crisis will particulary affect El Salvador...I wish I was wrong though.

  3. Here food cost has always been a fairly large percentage of one's monthly expenditure. But now food has become even more expensive largely because with the high price of gas, food transport has become so high.

  4. I am concerned that we are paying 110 dollars for a barrel of crude - this is going to affect us in more ways than one because the cost of petrol and diesel is going to go up and with it the price index.


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