18 January 2008

A Tag about furniture

Eve's Lungs tagged me to write about a piece of furniture that means alot to me. Well, after much thought I would say it's a cupboard which was given to me by my mother when they moved to this town. It's a heavy (and I mean heavy) rosewood cupboard with a full length mirror, on a rosewood stand. It was always a part of my life.
This cupboard was gifted to my mother when she got married (which was in 1938). But it was my father's cupboard for the longest time. I remember him opening the cupboard to take out his clothes, all neatly arranged and his ties all hung inside the door. There is a draw, which was usually locked. The cupboard reminds me of all the things my father was--very neat and tidy, very organized, sentimental too.
The best memory associated with the cupboard was a flute! I remember that I first noticed this object, which looked like a flute in the back of the cupboard one morning(this must have been when I was 6 or 7). I knew my father was not musical at all (even at that age I knew :)) . I've always been a fairly timid person. So it took me a while before I asked him what that was--in case it was not a flute at all! He told me it was his younger brother's flute. Now let me tell you, this brother, 6 years younger to him, had died of tetanus, when he was 14 and my father 20. By the time I noticed the flute my father was around 44 0r 45. So that was over 20 years since his brother had died and he still had that flute with him! I don't recall what happened to that flute eventually.
But when my mother moved here and brought all her furniture, she told me she had no space for the cupboard and I told her I'd gladly keep it in my house. She told me she thought it was a useless cupboard because the shelves had no depth and yet the cupboard took up so much room. I told her I had just the place for it and gladly took it. It now stands in my guest bedroom. It hasn't been polished in ever so many years. But there is a satiny look and feel to it. I have a vague feeling the mirror broke once during one of my parents' many journeys and my mother had it replaced. The rest of it is the original, from 1938, a lovely solid memory.
Eve, I hope this fulfils the tag. As to whom to tag, as usual whoever would like to take it up.

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