27 January 2008

Here I was being needy (in the blog world) and being self-focused, when I went over to Moanna's blog and there read about a friend of hers, which made me feel small and guilty. All I had was a bad allergy cold and some need issues (which I can never articulate in real life; only send it out in blogosphere). Thanks so much for all the caring that all of you blog friends gave me.


  1. Well, listen, I felt the same way. I'd posted a "happy friday" posting, about how I got to take a nap and read some books after my awful week of dealing with job issues...and then went to her blog and found out what she'd been dealing with. I felt so ashamed of myself that I replaced my posting with the prayer request for her. So it's not just you, ok?

    And if I can do anything to help you, if you want to email me or something, please ask for a shoulder. Huggs.

  2. Susan, We need what we need....yours was real and we are glad to be here for you. You return the favor for us.


  3. done your tag.I hope your cold is better.I don't blame you.A cold may be common but dealing with it is difficult.I catch a cold whenever there is a seasonal change and believe me I too need to be pampered.

  4. Susie - glad to be around for you - not much we can do to help but hold your hand in cyberspace and give you virtual hugs ! We all feel the same way at times but dont let it get bigger than you - okay ???

  5. NEVER NEVER EVER small when asking God for help..every need is a need..

    I so appreciate the prayers and love
    from all in BlogLand

    fondly..and praying for you!!


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