21 November 2007

A Tag

This is a tag I found over at Onedia's & Moanna's.

4 jobs I've had

1. Housewife
2. Teacher
3. Marketing & Sales (family-owned firm)
4. Music teacher

4 places I have lived
1. Bombay
2. Calcutta,
3. New Delhi
4. Cochin
(All in India)

4 places I've holidayed
1. Kovalam, India
2. Khatmandu,
3.Europe by rail
4. English farmhouses

4 favourite foods
1. mangoes
2. biriyani
3. appams
4. fruity ice creams

I left out the last one about where I'd rather be, 'cause it depends so much on my mood!


  1. Ooh you've lived in Mumbai? When? Where?

  2. Khatmandu?? Wow. That sounds so romantic.

  3. And I forgot to say, we've done many of the same things. I forgot to put marketing and teacher on mine, but my teaching was 1st through 5th grades, as a substitute teacher. (Never again, haha.) I wish I were talented enough to be a music teacher...

  4. would like to know more about those foods

  5. Onedia, Biriyani is like a pilaf/pilau, a rice cooked with spices and meat. Even writing about makes my mouth water. Appams are a favourite food in Kerala, more so among the Christians.


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