06 November 2007

My favourite things 2

Now for my favourite things--
The sight and sound of the sea--in all its moods and colours,
a breezy afternoon,
the weight of a baby on my shoulder,
a warm hug,
the feel of a warm dog under my feet,
browsing through a book store all by myself,
music, music, music--different for differing moods
a comfortable bed when you are so tired,
reading old childhood favourites,
jamming with the kids,
looking across a room at my husband knowing he'll find the same thing funny.
Well, those are some of my favourite things. What are yours?


Shari said...

Relaxing, watching the sunset, hearing children's laughter, no pressures, the Johnson's Baby Shampoo smell on a child...some of my favorite things.

I presented you with an award at my blog. :)

lawyeramma said...

Hey ams, very nice...specially the looking at cross as husband knowing that he will find the same thing funny!

ONEDIA said...

a cuddle with my grown-up daughter
a lap full of dogs
holding my husband's hand
walking the calle's of Venice
sitting beside turquoise water
dark chocolate
bread, cheese, and wine
Pucini opera