22 November 2007

I can't believe I'm actually listening to Christmas music--albeit Holiday jazz!! Oh well there's all this hoopla on the Internet (read from the Western world). But I think what really brought home the Christmas feeling was the request from my daughter that her son--who's coming to spend around a week here pre-Christmas--be allowed to decorated the tree with me. That made me search online for Christmas related things toddlers could do, which was when I finally succumbed to the temptation to listen to Christmas music :)


  1. I probably would not consider a tree this year were it not for our daughter visiting. Our children keep the spirit alive for us, don't they. My husband put our christmas lights on the house today will my mother, sister, brother, and I made dinner.


  2. You/ve been tagged .

  3. The chikdren keep us celebrating. When our kids grow up, the grandchildren take over and now most of them are grown, so it`s the great grandkids I need to keep decorating for.
    Seems like the stores start celebrating Christmas earlier every year. Used to start after Thanksgiving, now the store have christmas decorations up even before we have had time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Money seems to be overshadowing everything.
    I do enjoy listening to Christmas music.


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