26 November 2007

Eve tagged me. She wanted me to write 5 things I wanted to post about but didn't post. Well, here goes.....
1. Couple of times when I wanted to rant about events in my life but didn't.
2. As you mentioned about the onset of winter, I too had wanted to do a post about the end of the rains, which incidentally went on & on this year. I didn't but compromised by taking a picture which I've put as my heading :)
3. One about the ever so many flats that are coming around here (with pictures already taken), and the angst it's causing me.
4. A time when I was awash with self-pity but felt that indulging myself like that wasn't such a great idea.
5. A poem I had saved for the longest time and didn't post. But here it is now (so does that qualify?)

To fly free, unseen,

To have no me, mine

No more hunger, thirst, bodily desires

It will be good to be free of my body and become one with the Universal Being.

One day!

So there's the tag done!


Anonymous said...

I love your poem :)


Shari said...

Nice poem. Some day we will be free of disabilties and all the other bodily needs. In the mean time, let's stay close to our families and loved ones.

Geets said...

Wow!!!!!!! Grrrrrrreat poem. I loved that one. Do write more. You have it in you!

Hip Grandma said...

Good job done.Mine is pending

Moanna said...

I'm glad you posted the poem. Thanks.

lawyeramma said...

Nice poem ams.

On another note, I think you should rave and rant and be self-indulgent once in a while on your blog. i dont think your readers would mind. I think you keep too many worries/concerns bottled up, and sharing will do you some good.