08 November 2007


Today is Diwali--or Deepavali as it's known down South, in South India, and though Malayalees don't really celebrate Diwali, I can hear the sound of crackers from all sides! Now the non-Mallu population in Kottayam is quite large. There are many Tamilians as well as Oriyas& Biharis, and maybe Andhrites. I guess that's how come there are so many fireworks going off. I remember when I first came to stay in Kerala how I used to miss Diwali! Anyway tomorrow we're celebrating in the other school too.
Happy Diwali everyone. May your life be full of light and goodness.


  1. Happy Diwali!!!
    Hope you have a fun weekend :)

  2. with the weather just fine and the masses in a mood to celebrate,Diwali is perhaps one festival where all communities find their own reason to celebrate. in Kerala Onam brings everyone together so the purpose is already served.Season's greetings!

  3. I wikied Diwali to learn about it. Found I knew about it but had not known the name. Wonderful festival. A Festival of Light seems to transcend most cultures in some form which is a good thing.

    Peace and joy



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