26 October 2007

While doing Transactional Analysis, a question that was raised was who was a favourite hero/heroine who's character influenced you. As I was reading L. M. Montgomery's 'Anne of Green Gables' series again, I thought about that again. My absolute fave character, who I identified with so much, was Jo from the Little Women series, especially as she was in 'Little Men' and 'Jo's Boys'. As I thought about it, all my best-loved characters were girls/women who tried hard to be cheerful and were basically feminist, whether Louisa Alcott's Jo, or L. M. Montogomery's Anne or Pollyanna (who somehow got bad press in the US later for some reason) or even Jane Eyre. These books are still a favourite read whenever I want a mental boost.
So, who are your favourite childhood characters?


  1. My favorite character as a child and even now is Heidi. I would imagine leading a life in the Alpine mountains surrounded by goats.I watched the Hindi version as a movie and loved it.

  2. For some reason, I liked Laura Ingalls Wilder's House on the Prairie series.

    I loved to read a lot of books and just immerse myself into the story, like I was there. If a book can do that, then it's good.

  3. HHG. I loved Heidi too!
    Shari, Haven't seen the Wilder's House set around here. Must try and get one.

  4. Jo of Little Women . Katy of What Katy Did Next. And Heidi. Hardy's Tess - I used to be in love with all that suffering . Jo however has been an enduring favourite.


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