14 October 2007

Thank you

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate them.
I wanted to add something about the getting out of depression; to all of you out there who are struggling in it, let's face it, some of you may not even want to read about getting over it, because actually your mind just does not have the energy to see the alternatives. Even when you realize you are on the road to recovery--it still takes time. Early through the group thingy I went for, I used to berate myself for not being able to utilize all I had learnt about how to change my attitude and behaviour, in my daily life. Then I realised that it was little, tiny steps in behaviour change, in thinking a little differently, that helped and once again TIME. So, for all of you out there struggling with various kinds of depression, it's a cliche about time healing all, but sort of true. It may never erase the past, or a sad fact, but luckily for us, our memories do a get a little hazy and outlines become a little fuzzy, which makes it easier to live on.
I do want to add that I'm sure in severe cases of depression, medication would be a great help, but I am all for some kind of therapy too, because to me that shows us where and how we can change our thinking, because after all some circumstances cannot be changed and can only be lived around. I also feel having a strong reason to go on living (in technicolour), helps one to to get over the greyness.


  1. You are brave - Sue . Have you heard of Aastha -you can check the link I have on my blog . On a lighter note - you have been tagged !

  2. Happy b'day hill g'mom!I am only a week late!!And i am your older sister and can boss over you.ai'nt I glad??As for depression we all have peridic bouts of it in varying degrees. In the year 2000 I wanted the earth to break apart and swallow me to just save me of the so called 'misery' that i couldn't handle.I am glad God refuses to listen to the rubbish we pray for.how else cud I have met wonderful people like you?

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday, hillgrandmom!! We all have a story to tell. Yours is about depression. Mine is about US and that in itself depressing and so many with it fall into depression. It's the attitude. Right? Thank you for sharing.


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