25 October 2007

A Tag

I was tagged by Eve about my eccentricities—if any.

After much thought, I have come up with two.

  1. Cigarette butts and burnt out matches are dirty I know, but for me it’s almost like a phobia. I used to feel pukey. But I’ve sort of forced myself out of that!
  2. I keep things away very safely---and then I can’t find them!!!!!
I promise you Eve, I did try to come up with some more, but there isn't. I'm not obsessive at all--truly. But I am considered eccentric around here because
1. I don't bother to dress up like everyone else
2. I'm not in the gossip league,
3. I'm not a regular church goer;
In fact, I am not much into any of the usual pursuits of women, particularly of my age, around here.
So Eve, you can judge how eccentric I am :)

1 comment:

  1. That bit about noy dressing up like others and ferreting things away are very typical of me too! With the kind of reactions this meme has generated.it should be retermed "How normal are you"!


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