07 October 2007


Now that the rains are over the birds are out again. The raucous cry of the woodpecker came to me from the top of the coconut tree, and in the cool of the morning the sound of birdsong drew me out to see a pair of racket-tail drongos at the top of a tall bamboo stalk, singing away to each other. Just now the trees outside my window sway in time to my music to a gently breeze--all compensations for living in smalltown (as opposed to siren call of urbania) among greenery.

Listening to: Flamenco
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  1. Life surely is greener on the other side of the hill. I have been feeling the pinch of raising my son in this mad metropolis of Mumbai, where most schools don't even have the space to fit in a playground and the only nature he gets to see is at the handkerchief-sized park he visits each evening...

  2. Oh Rohini, to bring up children, there is no question this place is MUCH better than a city! We are lucky to have good schools too.


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