03 October 2007


I was away in Delhi for almost a week for a wedding in the family. My husband is part of a large family. So we were 13 of us travelling together on Sept.21st. In fact we hired a minivan to take us to the airport! The journey was fun--although we took a late flight.
It was a mixed community wedding--a Mallu Christian marrying a Bengali Brahmin. So the festivities extended over a couple of days, what with 2 kinds of weddings and attendant functions. I had a great time. There are more details over on this page.
At the end of the 6 days, everyone else was just waiting to get back to their homes. I agree it was uncomfortable living out of a suitcase and in in one room, but this time I truly realized how much I miss a city. I was seized with a real homesickness at the thought of leaving! I so enjoyed loafing around Sarojini Market all by myself, going to Nathu's at Bengali market with my niece and stuffing myself with gol gappas & papdi chaat(something I'd dreamt about doing for a long while) and just generally walking around in CP and Khan market and eating on the street, etc. Eating on the street and stuff is never done here!
The other day 2 of my sisters-in-law were talking about the fact that they are so used to the fact that everyone around here knows us all and so one hardly has to wait in a queue and how at so many places here you get personalized service etc. She said that she missed that so much while visiting in Delhi. My heart gave a small lurch and I thought well, that kind of anonymity is what I miss so much. (Talk about one man's meat.....) The one time I think that kind of familiarity is useful is when you visit a doctor, because sometimes big-city doctors only seem to be out for the maximum they can make out of you, whereas in a small town like this, where you know alot of people, you feel confident the doctor won't take you for a ride.
Anyway, I am back in small town now and consoling myself with the fact that after all I wouldn't get this kind of space, greenery and the less polluted air in the city!


  1. I went over to the other site and enjoyed reading more about the wedding, the Dances and music-- sounds like a wonderful fun time Wedding.
    Then I saw those plates of ice cream and got tempted all over again.

  2. :) But you know what, I still haven't been able to go taste those ice creams!

  3. I LOVE Delhi and I love Mumbai . I think its because theres so much to discover in other cities . But oh boy you had me drooling over the gol guppas and chaat at Bengali Market . And Nathus I just love !

  4. yeah, the grass is always greener on the other side. i miss home :) but i cant deny that i love the anonymity that i get here..

  5. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Me too about the anonymity of a city too. I guess you always like what you grew up with.
    Glad you had a fun time!

  6. Sue - Mallu Bong conspiracies usually work out very well

  7. @hgm,
    My family is from Kottayam, so I know the place a little. ( And I mean no disrespect to the place.)But I do think you must be an amazing lady to live there and be the way you are. Really.


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