18 July 2007

The past couple of days haven't been good.
Firstly, as I posted earlier, my younger son and wife left for the US on Sunday night. The longest I have not seen any of my children has been around 3 to 4 months. But, what upsets me most is that I cannot talk easily to them. Now I have to factor in the time difference and call a landline and see if they are there. All this time my son had his mobile phone, on which he was almost always accessible and I could hear his voice whenever I wanted--wherever he was in India. Anyway, I guess in around a month's time, when they finally settle down in their apartment and set up their skype and webcam it will feel better.
Then a good family friend passed away. He had not been well for quite a while. He was a warm and generous person and a very good husband, father and son and friend. He will be missed greatly.
Lastly, and most frustratingly, my computer does not connect to the Net. So I have to share time with my husband, who is almost always online! Well, I hope to have that set right in a few days time.


  1. Hugs hillgrandmom.
    And I think Mint Chutney and I have plans, between us, to take care of Beks and (most possibly because they come in pairs) Ro!

  2. Sorry about the loss of your friend. Hope it isn`t very long before your Son has his computer set up and is contacting you on it. I wish him all the best in his College subjects. What kind of a career is he going for and how many years of College does it require?

  3. hgm,
    Yes, it'll be difficult to get used to it but I guess all of us have to get used to these things.

  4. Dot he is going to do a management degree and will take 2 years to complete.

  5. I have faced the separation of my children and it was tough to let go.Keeping theit welfare in mind try to cheer up


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